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Commissioned Works

We have always believed that musicians (and especially young ones) need to know the language of the music of their own time. Music continues to evolve and progress by absorbing the history, culture and sensibilities of the world around the composers and performers. Music exists, in part, to express the experiences of the present moment.

For these reasons, the Klein Competition has always required applicants to perform 20th/21st Century works, to demonstrate facility in performing music of the present. In addition, we have commissioned excellent composers to create new works to challenge the imagination and technique of our performers at the Competition. The Commissioned Works ask each performer to create an individual concept of a previously unperformed composition, and make this new piece their own expressive vehicle. Hearing how each individual interprets this new music enables the listeners to learn a great deal about the contestant’s abilities and expressive inclinations.

The Composer for the 2018 Klein Competition is David Froom. Learn more about him here.

“Never formulaic or generic, Froom’s is a distinctly American music, infused with a rhythmic and gestural sensibility that draws excitement and expression from a sea of vernacular, modernist, and post-modernist musical languages.” –Eric Moe, liner notes to Bridge 9240