California Music Center Board of Directors

Susan Bates
Andrew Bradford, Vice-President
Katherine Cass
Fanni Fan
Richard Festinger
Michael Gelfand
Peter Gelfand
Elaine Klein, Secretary
Mitchell Sardou Klein, Artistic Director
Dexter Lowry, President
Rebecca McCray, Treasurer

Marcy Straw, Executive Director

Advisory Directors

Ruth Short, Immediate Past President
Judith Preves Anderson (Emeritus)
David Kim
Paul Tran (Emeritus)
In memorium: Amnon Goldworth (Emeritus)

Past Presidents

Tom Driscoll
Stanley M. Hanfling, M.D.
Mitchell Sardou Klein
Mrs. Dixie Mahy
Harold Mindell
Mrs. Frank Roberts
Frederick van Urk
Mrs. Elysa J. Yanowitz

The Board of Director of California Music Center provides governance, and supports and advocates for our mission and work.

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